Simple intervention.
Massive impact.

Exponential benefits for companies, managers, and teams.

Real insights in real time
Rapport introduces a dynamic way for leaders to spot trends as they develop and act on employee experience right now.
Always-on support for managers
Rapport provides managers with actionable data on their team members’ engagement and well-being empowering managers to lead more effectively.
Easy implementation
Rapport integrates into the tools your employees already use, takes just 30 seconds for employees to engage with, and is built to sail through your organization’s security requirements.
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Informed leadership
Rapport prepares you for 1:1 interactions by providing simple data-driven digests that support intentional, effective, and empathetic connection between you and your team members.
Elevated performance
Rapport curates contextual cues for you to optimize your management style leading to overall healthier team dynamics and higher levels of performance.
Streamlined core communication
Rapport makes it easy to automatically integrate a smart, simple system in your existing workflow that keeps you current on core elements driving your team’s dynamics.
Securely share insights and information directly with your supervisor
You’re in complete control of what you choose to share on Rapport. Whatever you do share stays private and secure between you and your manager.
A moment for yourself – with measurements that last.
By taking a minute to do a simple check in, you develop a database of useful insights about how you work best that you can apply to your growth over the course of your career.
Co-create a context in which you can thrive
Rapport opens up safe lines of communication for constructive feedback and guides your supervisor to optimize their management style to best support your growth and development.
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Frequently asked questions

How can I quickly implement Rapport into my organization?

Rapport’s software can be integrated into your existing workflows within minutes. Rapport:
- requires none of your organization’s data and is built securely to sail through your organization’s security requirements
- can be tested at your company without any IT involvement
- provides you with templates you can use for easy communication to build internal momentum

What’s the onboarding process like for my teams?

A Rapport coach will guide your selected teams in a brief 30-minute training session to get started, introducing them to Rapport's philosophy and helping them leverage the software effectively. Once onboarded, you can immediately invite Rapport to your meetings and Slack or Teams channels.

How can I manage notifications and avoid spam?

You have full control over notifications, including frequency and location. Rapport is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow without overwhelming you with notifications.

Who has access to answers and data and what are your data protection measures?

Each team member has complete control over who can access their answers and data. Privacy settings are customizable to individual preferences. We take data protection seriously and are SOC2 compliant. You can find our detailed privacy policy here.

Does Rapport have any security certifications?

Yes. Rapport has implemented robust security measures and is SOC2 compliant. Our platform is hosted in the US, ensuring data security and compliance within local regulations.

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