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Simple steps. Stronger teams.

Rapport distills decades of research on high performing teams to a few smart, simple steps that integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Check in with self

Rapport starts with a simple check in to share & track your personal energy level, workload, and key information—in less than 60 seconds each day.

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Check in with co-worker

Context matters and communication is key. Ahead of your 1:1 meetings, Rapport delivers succinct insights to support successful interactions. When your meeting wraps, Rapport intelligently prompts you when to give kudos—and when (and how) to give challenging feedback.

Check on the company

These seemingly simple touch points offer benefits extending far beyond day-to-day interactions. By tracking key trends and insights over time, Rapport supports leadership and cultural development at every level of your organization.

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Built into tools you already use

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Successful teams stay human

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Rapport is designed to systematically support clear, constructive communication based on scientifically proven methods for maximizing performance.

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When coworkers build trust they become more creative, effective, and efficient. Rapport helps managers form deeper bonds with their teams faster so they stay together longer.

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Rapport’s AI-driven reporting tracks key indicators of cultural strength in real time and over time—offering leaders insight and opportunity to boost employee engagement and satisfaction.

Why customers love us


Decrease in desire to quit


Increase in satisfaction with manager


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The hard science behind “soft” skills

Rapport offers a science-backed approach informed by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Peter T. Coleman, in partnership with the Columbia University Difficult Conversations Lab.
95 percent of our everyday behavior is automatic. Rapport helps employees switch to a more intentional way of thinking which is less susceptible to bias, more accurate, and brings fewer unintended negative interactions.
The tone of the first 3 minutes of a meeting has an outsized impact on how the rest of it plays out. Rapport sets the stage for employees to have productive conversations, even while discussing tense or divisive topics.
The highest-performing work relationships have 4 positive interactions for every negative. Rapport prompts employees on when to give kudos, and when (and how) to give challenging feedback.
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"I went into it thinking it’s was a very light product but it’s actually everything"

Sarah Kittredge

Product Manager, CorePower Yoga

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“It’s like leadership development meets Calendly: simple and effective”

Andrew Smith

Head of L&D, AiiR

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"It's such a useful tool to improve people development and manager development.”

Mary Ukpong

Talent Development Manager, Blue Apron

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